So it Begins

So it Begins

I was in IKEA a few weeks ago. I made my list, did my preparation and took off with equal amounts of excitement and fear!

The plan was to go in, grab the essentials for the new physiotherapy clinic, and get the hell out. 3 hours later, egg slicer and Panda Teddy in hand, I was finished with my sanity barely intact.

The next day I began the arduous task of self-assembly. Starting from scratch I set about building my little project piece by piece. Yes, there are instructions, and these are vital, however they don’t cover every aspect of the build. They certainly don’t consider the individual characteristics of the builder.

It can take time. It needs a good dose of patience. But with help, advice, good instructions you can build it. That’s what I’ve learned over the last few months as this flat pack assembled. 11 years of physiotherapy experience doesn’t prepare you for the road of business ownership. However, with great support from friends and family this little enterprise is starting to take shape.

Flat-Pack Physiotherapy

My Little journey through IKEA got me thinking. When a person is hurt, in pain, injured, they sometimes arrive in for an appointment with me with the same look I had when I opened my flat pack. Confusion, some anxiety, and uncertainty written across their face. The only problem with injury is there’s never an instruction booklet to follow.

When in IKEA I noticed they offer an assembly service for an extra €30. I didn’t bother, instead torturing myself at home. I would never attempt flat pack assembly without instructions. Equally, injury recovery should not be pursued alone.

As a physio, I sit down with the patient, assess the problem, treat the issues at hand and plan the rehabilitation as we begin the assembly back to full health.

I need specific instructions for IKEA. I need good advice and help with business development. But physio is the easy part for me. I love helping people get better, feel better and return to their chosen activity.

I can’t wait to get started!

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