While setting up the Physiotherapy Clinic in Craddockstown Golf Club the last few months, I’ve been asked this question a lot. The answer is always a tentative yes, but there is more to the story. I get out the odd evening over the summer months with a few friends of mine that have membership at another golf club that will remain nameless. But finding the time isn’t always easy.

I used to hit a few balls as a kid on the Curragh with my brother and sister. I recall one incident involving an enthusiastic follow-through and a driver flying further than the ball! The less said about that the better!

Physiotherapy and Golf

Strangely enough, although I don’t get to play much, I’ve always been a fan of golf. I was lucky enough to go to Portrush on Thursday for the Open Championship. I was excited to see the best of the best up close for the first time. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

I was quite shocked at how lean and in many cases small they were. Granted, there were some strong and fit guys there, like Brooks Koepka, but most were certainly not big enough to rely on physical strength to perform.

This got me thinking, do you need to be a “gym bunny” to be good at golf?

I watched every minute of the weekend’s coverage and Shane Lowry’s epic display of skill seemed to confirm my suspicions. The simple answer is “NO”.

I came back to work Monday and quizzed the Club Pro Glen Robinson and his able assistant Liam. With the help of the 2 lads, I researched the major areas of physical ability needed to help your golf game.

There are 3 sections to think of:

  • Balance through your feet and legs.
  • Stability through your hips and core.
  • Mobility through your spine and trunk.

These 3 areas really stood out to me in Portrush. Total balance and control from feet to hips and remarkable mobility through the spine.

For the average golfer it is very difficult to master all 3. Most golfers I see in the clinic score worst in mobility testing. This is often due to the regular stresses and strains of a normal working life. Getting your trunk moving better will allow improved range of motion in your golf swing, that’s where I come in. Customized mobilization, manipulation, stretching and strength & conditioning are all tools available at O’Donnell Physiotherapy.

After that, its Glen and Liam’s time to get to work!

But in case you’re wondering, yes, I will be taking all the credit for the drop in your handicap!





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