Frequently Asked Questions


How long does an appointment take?

Physiotherapy appointments take approximately 30-40 minutes.

Can I claim any costs back through my health insurance or tax?

Yes, all health insurance companies provide cover for chartered physiotherapy. Depending on your policy, anything up to €40 can be claimed back per treatment. Please contact your own health insurance provider for individual details. There is also tax relief on chartered physiotherapy appointments of 20% in most cases.

Will I be given anything to do outside of my appointment?

Yes. You will be given extensive advice, including a customized functional rehabilitation program, to aid your overall recovery. 

Do I need a GP referral?

A GP referral is not necessary to make an appointment, however if you have one bring it with you, along with any X-Ray, MRI’s etc. to help us plan the best recovery for you. 

What happens when I attend my first physiotherapy appointment?

If it is your first time attending, it is best to arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out registration details. You will then be greeted and assessed fully, to include a relevant history of the issue.

What does the assessment involve?

For your own comfort, it is advisable to come with loose fit clothing, including shorts for lower body injury and singlet/t-shirt for upper body injury. It is important that you are at ease so don’t worry if you don’t have shorts, the clinic will provide them if needed. The Physiotherapist will then observe and assess the movement and function of the body to ascertain the root cause and of the issue at hand.

What can I expect to feel after treatment?

It is not unusual to feel a little tender after your physiotherapy appointment. This is often due to direct contact with the injured area. On most occasions, you will leave feeling immediate improvement and relief, unless otherwise outlined by your Physiotherapist at the time.

I have completed the first appointment What happens next?

You will always leave with a specific plan following your appointment. This will be advised on an individual basis, ranging from further physiotherapy, completing a short-term rehabilitation program or simply a temporary rest period. Your physiotherapist will walk you through this process carefully.