Taping, or strapping, can be utilised in numerous ways. It can be used in injury management to provide stability to a joint and surrounding soft tissue structures after an injury, e.g. an ankle after a sprain. It can also be used to correct biomechanics and reduce problematic movement patterns, such as postural dysfunction. Kinesio tape can be used in injury prevention, to help support active muscles during activity.

What People are Saying About Us

Rob Campbell

Breiffne got me back to rugby after knee surgery. The recovery was difficult but his patience and experience got me through it. His own sporting background is a huge advantage and i trust his advice and treatment completely.

Patient, ACL reconstruction

Tiegan Ruddy

I would highly recommend Breiffne. He is the best physio I have worked with. He has helped me overcome 2 serious knee injuries and I have full confidence in him because every rehabilitation plan has been successful. His ability to make me feel comfortable as a client made recovery easier and he always has an answer to any injury concern I have and constantly pushes me to improve and become stronger in every way.

Irish Womens Football u19s captain

Mihai Vioreanu

Breiffne has looked after many patients I treated surgically or non-operatively. The feedback I constantly receive from patients about their experience with Breiffne is consistently excellent. I feel confident recommending Breiffne to my patients as I know they will receive excellent care. I highly recommend Breiffne as your physiotherapist.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon